The Authentication and Placement Department is responsible for the validation and certification of academic documents from the East Coast of the United States for Kuwaiti students. The department's key duties include:

  • Authenticating academic credentials such as report cards, high school transcripts, and diplomas for Kuwaiti students in the U.S. (Note: Dependents of scholarship students who have not graduated from high school should seek guidance from their Embassy Advisor.)
  • Authenticating admission letters for new Kuwaiti students who have been granted scholarship, are seeking sponsorship or self-funded.
  • Authenticating transfer credits, academic transcripts, and degrees for Kuwaiti students in the U.S.
  • Authenticating Residency or Fellowship Certificates for individuals in the U.S. who plan to work in Kuwait.
  • Overseeing the database for ESL (English as a Second Language) programs.


Authentication of elementary/high school report cards/transcripts:
Authentication of admission letters for all students:

Register here to start the process –

Select Sponsor: Private Unsupervised if you are:

  • A privately funded student requesting health insurance/social allowance
  • An undergraduate scholarship student requesting scholarship transfer to the USA
  • An undergraduate scholarship student unapproved for graduate scholarship
  • A diplomat’s child requesting diplomatic scholarship
  • A student of the Military Office

Select Sponsor: MOHE if you:

  • Have been granted scholarship by MOHE
  • Have been granted scholarship by a sponsor that is not listed
  • Have been admitted to a merit major or a merit school (for undergraduate only)
  • Are applying for scholarship and have earned at least 27 acceptable/transferable credits with a minimum GPA of 2.50 (for undergraduate only)

Before leaving the U.S.:

Upon arriving in the U.S.:

Certification of university degrees/residency or fellowship certificates, enrollment verification:
Afaf El Leithy -


Medical Insurance Emergency Line:  + (1) 866 654 7449

Office Number: + (1) 202 364 2100

Fax Number:  + (1) 202 363 8394


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m est


Employees Only



Embassy/Consulates Contacts

Main Embassy:            + (1) 202 262 0758

Health Office:             + (1) 202 320 2415

LA Cultural Office:        + (1) 424 666 4214

LA General Consulate:   + (1) 310 279 3644

NY General Consulate:  + (1) 917 242 6688

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