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Early Graduation Award


Re: Ministerial Decree #108/2003 & 69/2003

H. E. Dr. Musaed Al-Haroun, Minister of Education & Higher Education has issued the above degrees granting payment of $4,500 representing salaries for three (3) months to all MOHE scholarship students graduating one (1) semester or two (2) quarters ahead of their scholarship expiration dates. This payment is additional to the 2 months salaries currently granted upon graduation. Students continuing for masters or practical training will receive the 3 months salary award upon graduation and the 2 months final allowance after completion of the practical training or masters program.

For most majors, this means graduating within 3.5 years. This period does not include one term of English study.

This decree is effective for students graduating Spring 2003 or later.

Students receiving Early Graduation Award are eligible for either Practical Training OR Continuation for the Master’s degree if they meet the requirements.



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