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Contacts - Ministry of Higher Education


First Name Last Name Work Phone Email Job Title
Amanda Eggers 202.364.2168 Academic Advisor
Amber Campbell 202.364.2168 Academic Advisor
Anita (Nitz) Balajadia 202.364.2153 Secretary
Arlin Dela Rosa 202.364.2158 Academic Advisor
Cecilia Cancio 202.364.2145 Assistant Director
Cecilia De Guzman 202.364.2155 Secretary
Denise Joy Cheng 202.364.2175 Secretary
Elizabeth Jabarin 202.364.2195 Academic Advisor
Erin Keeler 202.364.2162 Academic Advisor
Evanthia Apostolaki 202.364.2140 Academic Advisor
Gianelle Tianco 202.364.2149 Secretary
Ihab El-Amine 202.364.2193 Academic Advisor
Issam Lenghi 202.364.2156 Director
Kathleen Mercado 202.364.2114 Academic Advisor
Kristine Cheng 202.364.2198 Secretary
Lana El-Boustany 202.364.2147 Translator
Lauren Bianchi 202.364.2154 Academic Advisor
Lorraine Ledesma 202.364.2157 Academic Advisor
Ma. Jelica Villaviza 202.364.2122 Academic Advisor
Maria Angelica Barros 202.364.2186 Academic Advisor
Michael Liguori 202.364.2111 Academic Advisor
Michelle Peters 202.364.2169 Academic Advisor
Nada Hamim 202.364.2185 Academic Advisor
Rabea White 202.364.2160 Academic Advisor
Saya Meirambay 202.364.2151 Academic Advisor
Shiela Baldoz 202.364.2197 Academic Advisor
Sohair Khalid 202.364.2136 Secretary
Souzanne Al-Azm 202.364.2101 Academic Advisor
Tarek Abdelaziz 202.364.2191 tabdelaziz Translator
Theresa Comoda 202.364.2165 Academic Advisor
Timothy McKalip 202.364.2137 Academic Advisor

Contact / Hours Of Operations

OFFICE NUMBER: 202.364.2100

FAX NUMBER: 202.363.8394


Monday through Friday

9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m est



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