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Higher Education in Kuwait


Higher Education in Kuwait

There are two state supported institutions of Higher Education in Kuwait:

  • Kuwait University.
  • Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (2-year college).

In addition, there are a number of private post-secondary colleges and universities that are approved by the Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education:

  • Gulf University for Sciences and Technology.
  • Australian College of Kuwait.
  • American University of Kuwait.
  • Gulf American College.
  • Maastricht School for MBA.
  • Box-Hill College for Girls.

Kuwait University

Kuwait University is a co-educational institution made up of five campuses in Kuwait City. Since its establishment in 1966, the university has grown from just over 400 students to nearly 18,000 men and women and has expanded from only 31 faculty members to include numerous colleges and departments.To find out more about Kuwait University, visit

The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training

In 1982, the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training was established to incorporate the various educational facilities that had been created to fill the need for technical and vocational training in Kuwait.

Today, PAAET is comprised of two entities: Applied Education and Training. PAAET is charged with providing and developing a national labor force to meet the developmental requirements of the nation. It is also works towards diversifying Kuwait's national economy by training students for careers beyond the oil industry. To find out more about the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, visit

In addition to these institutions, Kuwait sponsors several Quranic schools, a musical school, and a teacher's institution.

Other Institutes of Higher Education

Kuwait's Musical Academy offers general education and musical training in the musical arts.

Other institutions of higher education include a teachers' college and several Quranic schools.

Foreign Scholarships

The government of Kuwait has an ambitious foreign scholarship program, which supports top Kuwaiti scholars who are accepted to universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other foreign countries.





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